"Color sky, havana lake
 Color sky, rose carmethene
 Alizarin crimson
 Wear your love like heaven"
-- Donovan

Self Portrait, San Francisco

When I was nine, MGM re-released the Wizard of Oz. I went to the Saturday matinee and was so enthralled I stayed and watched the movie over and over. At about 9:30 that night, my mother stormed into the theatre and dragged me home. My parents had no idea where I was. The cops were called and everyone was in a frenzy.

The movie astounded me. Never before in my short life had I seen such rich and magical colors. At the end of each showing of the movie, I couldn't understand why Dorothy would want to go back to that drab, gray Kansas. There was no place like home and I couldn't wait to escape. To this day, I am not fond of black and white photography; there is none on this site.

After high school, I escaped my own private "Kansas" and attended Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. I studied Math, Art History, Print Making, Speech and Theatre. After graduation, I became an Audio/Visual Director using photography and film for large and small corporate communications. I did post graduate work at Northwestern University and Fairfield University where I earned an M.A. in Human Communications. I wound up in video production, technical writing and computer programming.

In the early 1990's, my travels to Italy re-awoke my interest in photography. For me, travel strips away familiar surroundings and thrusts me into the beauty of everyday life. I try to capture that feeling of wonder at the strange, beautiful places just outside our front doors.

My work includes both traditional and digitally altered photography borrowing and sometimes stealing directly from the traditions of oil painting, watercolor, fresco and finger-painting. Lately, I've been doing abstract photography -- moss. mold and lichen as a study of form and color.

I hope you enjoy viewing these pictures as much as I had fun making them. Why settle for Kansas when you can have Oz.